Plugins and integrations. provides a wide range of plugins and integrations in collaboration with its partners which are often free to use. For a large number of solutions such as Salesforce, Exact Synergy, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM, ready-made solutions are available to easily improve the data quality in these packages.

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Improve the quality of your relationship data in Salesforce and benefit from correct addresses and company data worldwide.

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CRM App for Microsoft Dynamics

Complete solution to import and maintain complete, accurate relationship data in Microsoft Dynamics.

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KYC App for Microsoft Dynamics

Accelerate and improve the KYC/CDD regulation. Map out the corporate structure. Check the UBO for sanctions, PEP and negative news.

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Exact Synergy

One plugin for correct address and company details, B2B leads, updates and a deep link to

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Find relevant prospects, increase customer insight and ensure error-free customer data entry. Focus on the right relationships, with an up-to-date CRM.

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Experience the benefits of the IBAN Name Check in your business processes or Customer Due Diligence solutions.



Always work with correct customer data in AFAS CRM. You benefit from reliable customer insights with this plugin.

Archie Logo


Ensure error-free input of customer data into Archie. Target the right relationships, with an up-to-date CRM file.

Grub Logo


The compliance app for accountants in which ComplianceWise's compliance tools are combined with data.

HubSpot Logo


Optimise your marketing and sales process with correct company data thanks to the HubSpot plugin.

ContactManager Logo


With ContactManager, an Epona plugin for legal practice, company data and Land Registry info are easily accessible.

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NEXTassyst / NEXTmatters

Smart software that allows you to optimise the daily work within the notarial and legal profession.

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Sugar CRM

With this plugin you are assured of complete and correct company data in SugarCRM. Benefit from reliable customer insights.

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Act! CRM

One plugin for permanently up-to-date and correct address and company data in Act! CRM. With a deep link to for in-depth insight.

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Easily ensure complete and correct company data in Fleetmaster, with the plugin from

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Always work with up-to-date and correct company data in AllSolutions Software. You benefit from reliable customer insights with this plugin.

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Implement the services of even faster and easier in your Mendix application with this plugin.



The software solutions from RADAR and the integrated data from offer you 360° customer insight.

Custom integration via our APIs.

Our data can be integrated into any system. Professional and extensive documentation is available for integrating our data via APIs. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

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