Market analysis tool Marktview.

Easily conduct market analyses and select the perfect target groups

Do you need relevant insights for your marketing or sales plan? Do you want to accurately determine the market share or potential for new customers? Or are you looking for promising B2B audiences? With’s market analysis tool Marktview, you gain insight into your market and your ideal customers. This allows you to target real opportunities and increase the success of your marketing and sales campaigns.

Marketing through Marktview

Marktview is a market analysis tool that allows you to do highly targeted marketing by making specific B2B target group selections and analyses. In Marktview you will be able to build custom target groups with ease. Our database includes every single company registered in the Netherlands and enables you to segment by the relevant company characteristics. You can choose from over 100 features. Think of industry, number of employees, growing companies, fleet information and corporate relationships. Your target group selection immediately shows you how great the potential is within that market.

You can also upload your own customers in the market analysis tool Marktview and immediately see which attributes they have. Use those attributes to find new leads for lead generation. These leads increase your chances of success, because they resemble companies that are already a customer of yours. Marktview also uses your existing customer information to map how well you are already represented within your market and where there could still be opportunities. With this market insight you can set up highly targeted marketing and sales campaigns, which will lead to increased conversions.

  • Map out your market potential and determine market and target audiences

  • Discover new leads for your B2B lead generation using your customer lookalikes

  • Approach high-quality leads with the highest revenue potential

  • Discover which regions and industries you have good representation and where there are opportunities for growth.

Marktview in 3 forms

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With you have insight into the business characteristics and behavior of organizations that visit your website. You immediately see in which sectors your website visitors work, what the size of the companies are and where they are located in the Netherlands.

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Marktview Business

With Marktview Business you can easily create a target group consisting of every relevant company in the Netherlands. You do this by selecting companies based on features that are relevant to you. You then export your target audience selection for your marketing and sales campaigns.

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Marktview Pro

With Marktview Pro you make target group selections and conduct customer analyses by integrating your own customer data. These will be matched with all companies in the Netherlands. This gives you insight into the most important business characteristics of your current customers. You can also immediately see in which provinces you are over and under-represented. And when you create prospect lists, your customers will be filtered out automatically.

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Work efficiently with clean data from prospects and customers

Marktview is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to easily perform market and customer analyses.

  • Make promising prospecting lists independently
    Create lead lists based on characteristics of your best customers or by segmenting by desirable company characteristics to increase the chance of conversion.

  • Run efficient and targeted campaigns
    In Marktview you will find the contacts within companies who have decision-making powers. You can then build campaigns that target this very specific list of people.

  • Only work with correct, clean data
    Always have the right addresses and in-depth company information. Only approach relevant prospects. Deduplicate and delete previously delivered prospects.

  • Discover new sales opportunities with customers
    Determine the (growth) potential of your current customers and valuable prospects.

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Would you like relevant insights for your marketing or sales planning?’s market analysis tool Marktview gives you the desired market insights immediately. This allows you to make specific target group selections, discover new prospects and opportunities with current customers focus your marketing and sales campaigns only on companies that matter to you. Our consultants are happy to help you during a demo.

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