About us.

The more you know about companies, the better. Simple. That is why Company.info does everything it can to bring together all relevant data about companies for you, to structure it and to make it applicable based on smart technology. That’s how Company.info helps customers to be more innovative and successful.

From data to predictive customer insights

We transform data into comprehensive, clear and reliable information, with deep insights about companies and their directors. On this basis, we proactively and promptly inform professionals about growth opportunities and business risks with clients. Company.info makes organisations smarter and more data-driven.

Doing business safely and responsibly

We strongly believe that a transparent business world is necessary for an optimal climate of promising, safe and responsible business; we are proud to make a significant contribution to this goal.

Together with 4 leading players in the field of business information, Company.info has founded the Association for business B2B information. Its purpose is to set up and monitor quality standards. Maintaining good access to company information, privacy and legal certainty are the most important themes in this regard.

Knowing more means doing business better

Company.info has been around for more than 25 years and is part of the FD Mediagroep. Just like the FD and BNR, we assist business professionals and help them to conduct their businesses intelligently.

We help our customers to do business safely and responsibly by providing insight into the risks of counterparties. We also provide insight into where hidden market potential lies. That’s how we offer our customers security and the foundation for a successful business. In fact, we even have a number of guarantees for that:

  • Quick return on investment: working with Company.info pays for itself within 12 months.
  • Always available: Company.info has 99% uptime.
  • High Satisfaction: Our NPS score has been 40+ for years.

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